Wednesday, August 19, 2009


well, the puppies are wonderful! first, just so you're not disappointed, i'm still not revealing names. i like to have a big reveal for the inmate trainers and i know my blog info often makes it to them by way of their families. no such luck! no one will know until friday!

they are beyond precious, though, if i do say so myself. they have been sooo good, too. they did get a little carsick on the way home....ok, a lot of although marie (the breeder) gave them to us smelling wonderful and just bathed (the cleanest puppies i've even picked up) they got their second bath last night. unavoidable. they seemed to like it though. they stuck their noses under the faucets and licked water while i scrubbed.

they slept really well. they woke up and cried once (i'll admit, i didn't hear them...terry let them out) and then went back to sleep the rest of the night. this morning, they're romping and playing in the basement as i type. they are happy as clams, and so am i! today we go to the vet. katey and her little brother are helping me with some extra hands so dad can use the day to work. also, i met heidi halfway yesterday before picking up puppies to trade out CAYLIE for SOLOMON. (he has some pretty exciting apprearances the next few days, wait til you hear). so, both of the puppies and SOLOMON go for some shots today. i hope it's rather uneventful, but i'm sure that's a little wishful.

i have taken a few pics but knowing katey, we'll get a lot of good ones today. i just got a macbook (!) so idk about uploading my pics yet, but it should be easy when i get just a minute to do it. promise i'll do it tonight. i mean, i try to promise i will ; )

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