Monday, August 17, 2009

another trip

so, one more whirlwind trip is almost over. the drive down to jesup, ga was way too long to be fun. but, i met our new program inmates down there and gave them their first lecture. we also met with our new core group of volunteers down there and they set some very high goals...they are on their way to being the next huge chapter! i think things are really going to take off down there!

jack and CAYLIE's visit was so great on saturday. they practiced walking with the balance harness which jack wasn't so keen on at first. by the time we'd taken two laps around the house, though, he was smiling and forgetting to ask his mom to help him. CAYLIE did really great with the harness, too. she still needs to figure out exactly what he wants as far as when she should move ahead of him, but with me there to help guide her she was very responsive. we were all very happy with that progress! CAYLIE was very loving with jack, as always. he gave her a few treats and learned to tell her "down," "leave it," and "eat" which he thought was just about the coolest thing ever.

yesterday we had a fundraiser for jack here at candace's. jack's mom sold her handmade jewelry and another friend of candace's brought purses and luggage and such with embroidery and monogramming. soooo many people came through and it was a wonderful party with a wonderful turnout!

this morning jack and CAYLIE are going to paul (candace's husband's) work to thank them for doing a denim day which raised a great amount for jack. i think everyone there will be touched to finally meet them. then we'll head back up to va just in time to pick up puppies tomorrow! i'll tell you allllll about them!

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