Sunday, September 20, 2009

baby BOURKE time

so, we had some BOURKEY time this weekend. he was feeling a little sick to his tummy, so i brought him home to continue his bland diet and basically give them a break for the messy-ness of a sick and miserable puppy at the prison. well, maybe all he really wanted was a little vaca, cuz he's been more than fine since he got here : ) bringing equal amounts of mischief and adroable-ness to my weekend, i can't say i'm not glad i stole him, regardless! he has decided that since BRADIE can lay on the couches, so can we have been working on the fact that since he is a puppy, he must wait for an invite. he invites himself by resting his chin on the recliner, and no sooner do i say "jump on" than he hops up and curls up in a ball....he's definitely claimed his spot in the house. he keeps me on my toes though, as he seems to think that it's appropriate to put his paws on the counter/table, just to look around. he's yet to steal anything from up there...but i'm sure getting a work out getting up and down off the couch to make him stop standing on 2 feet on the table! he is, if nothing else, very stubborn. but i am definitely in love. he just might be the world's most photographed puppy, so here are just a few, more to come....

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