Monday, September 14, 2009


so, yet again i've been a delinquent blogger. i really don't have much to report, though. other than a few vet visits last week...and the always exciting act of juggling multiple puppies on a lone vet journey, i haven't had much doggie time. really, school has been engulfing my life. WYATT has been spending the weekends with brandon, the next step in their transition process. so, without a lot of WYATT time, my funny story count seems to decrease dramatically. like i said, my life has been all class all the time...and that is definitely something worth complaining about. i thought i was going to drown in the act of writing papers yesterday, but thankfully i came out of it alive...and sick. happily enough, i do not have the flu....yet....just a virus. great, virus = no anitbiotics = stay sick longer. grrrrr. that will not stop me from yet another vet adventure this week......will these dogs ever all get their shots? i think i need a doggie bus so i can just do it all at once! hopefully, that will be the most eventful time of my week, but you never know around here....

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