Sunday, September 6, 2009

bad blogger

so, i've been a bad bad blogger again. believe it or not, it was a ridiculous week, i know you're really surprised. a paws4vets client, paul, was up all week to bond and work with LIA, his perspective dog. he just returned home this weekend, but when he blogs about his week in wv you can read it here. from my interactions with them, paul and LIA had a great week together and came a long way in their growing relationship!

also, another paws4vets client jennifer, went to work with dogs at the prison with heidi. you can read her blog here.

finally, our next paws4people client samantha and her family arrived from atlanta on thursday. we went out to dinner with them and my heart was quickly stolen by yet another one of "my kids." in case you're behind on the clients, you can read about samantha here. samantha (and her parents!) are wonderful, not that you'd be surprised to hear that. i think they had a really great time at the prison, and samantha made sure to make friends with all of our inmates. she is just the cutest thing!! we did the dog bumps with CORINA and CAROLINE. i'm not going to say anything now, as we have a conference call planned with the family to all be on the same page, but the dog interactions were very nice : )

last to report, WYATT spent the weekend with at his future home with our paws4vets client, brandon. you can read brandon's description of his exciting weekend with WYATT (i don't think there's such a thing as uneventful time with WYATT!) here. you know, i really think i can get used to the fact that everyone has their own blogs now! so be sure to go read them.....happy long weekend!

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