Thursday, September 24, 2009

pumpkin spice for my day

so, i had quite the day tuesday, but have failed to blog of it yet due to drowning in school work. actually, i am only blogging now in a desperate attempt to escape studying....but this time tomorrow two exams will be over and i will be home, or at least almost home, for a weekend free of homework because I FINISHED IT ALL TODAY!

so, about tuesday. well, heidi had her usual day of back to back to back classes at the prisons, so i set off in the morning to gather this months' supplies. i took WYATT with me as his trainer is leaving the prison soon and hasn't seen him for a while, and i knew she'd want to say bye. my first stop was walmart, and the few things i had to pick up there went easily. next was petco, where i severely underestimated my task: 300 lbs of food. ok, two carts, i can handle this, one at a time. well, by the second one i'd broken a sweat and was not so chipper anymore. by the time i finally pushed and pulled my way to the check out, i was ready to get this all over with. no such luck. the cashier was unfamiliar with the 200# program (where you save a huge % by buying 200# at a time) and had to get another girl. she felt like arguing with me saying "we don't do that, you just get every 10th bag free" and i sweetly explained otherwise. i even helped by telling them where to find it in the computer (i've bought a few bags of dog food in my time) which i don't think they appreciated; but i wasn't leaving without my discount. well, it just so happened that the skies opened to an extreme i loaded 300 lbs of food in the pouring rain.

well, you might imagine that by now, i was severely un-chipper, knowing i still had 2 more loading/unloadings left at the prison. i decided that i was going to starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte; because, in case you aren't lucky enough to know, you cannot not smile sipping a pumpkin spice latte! in the pouring rain at the drive-thru window, the goofy WYATT decided to poke his head out the window to greet the baristas. one guy in the back making a drink said "aww he looks like my friend brandon's dog Wyatt" and i said "IT IS WYATT!" we proceeded to have a conversation (which i'm sure the people behind me didn't appreciate nearly as much as i did) in which he told me how good WYATT is at brandon's on the weekends, and how happy he makes brandon and what a great team they are.

well, for the rest of the day, despite loading my food onto a cart, onto the scanner, back onto the cart, and pushing it into the unit....i had a smile on my face. sometimes it's so nice when God intervenes and reminds me how great what we're all doing is, and what it's all about. even the heavy, ridiculous, quick-disappearing dog food!

WYATT's off to spend another 5 days with brandon starting tomorrow. this shared custody makes me happy and sad at the same time; but every time i take WYATT back over the brandon's and see him wiggle and wag and frolic running up to his new house, i'm not sad at all : )

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