Friday, October 2, 2009

oliver and OLIVER

well, tuesday OLIVER and BOURKE had vet appointments, so i kept them for the day and took them to start back visits at cheat lake elementary. i got the idea for the name oliver from a student in that class last year (named oliver) so i knew he would be so excited to meet the puppy. the class were sooooo happy to have puppies, even though they look so big to me! the boys were sooo good too, you'd think they were 2 years old already. they sat through some temper tantrums, ear and tail pulls, and many, many hugs...they were just so good!

perhaps the best news of all is that OLIVER got his cast off...much to the inmates' relief. i snapped a cute picture of him with it on before they cut it, thankfully! it was so cute on, but he'll be much happier now! i'll post some pics here in a bit when i get motivated to break out the camera cord....

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  1. Kyria,

    I can't believe how much Oliver looks like his daddy. It's like seeing a baby picture of Jake. By the way, what happened to his leg? He looks so cute sitting there so patiently at the vet.