Monday, November 23, 2009


so, we are here in atlanta with CORINA and CAROLINE to visit our newest client, samantha. during our first dog bump with samantha, both of these girls showed interesting, albeit very different promise as far as bonding. we're hoping (and expecting) that some time in samantha's own house with one-on-one dog time will show us exactly what we need to see--which dog chooses samantha. tomorrow is a big day, lots of meeting and the all important bump. we've already removed the girls' collars since amy (samantha's mom) already has her theory. we don't want any favortism! amy peeked at the dogs in the car tonight and thinks she has it pegged who's who even without collar...and let me tell you with these two sisters, sometimes even heidi and i couldn't do that!

i'll report back on how it goes tomorrow! PLEASE KEEP THE WORD SPREADING TO VOTE ON FACEBOOK!

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