Wednesday, November 25, 2009

samantha & ....

hi all!

it's one of those times to thank the powers that be, because we've yet another unquestionable, amazing, dog bump. yesterday morning at samantha's house, CORINA came in first. now, i should tell you the funniest part...since her mom amy had a favorite (CORINA) so we wanted to attempt to keep her from telling them apart. little did we know that she had studied them more carefully than we could have expected from any student! she told them apart verrrry well when they were side-by-side, and had only a little trouble when they were one at a time. well, CORINA showed a great deal of interest during her first try. she made a very interesting pattern between samantha, amy, samantha, amy, matt, samatha, and so on. several times she left dad and i out of her rounds completely, a very good early sign. then CAROLINE got a turn...and no matter how long we waited, she ignored everyone! it was like CORINA had gone back to the car and told her she better not even try, because she didn't! when CORINA cam back in, she was even more attentive of samantha; and the deal was sealed when she got in bed with sammie and would have laid there all day! SUCCESS!

we're off to tape a radio show this morning (a first!) then we're making the long haul back to va.

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also, there is a spotlight article on wvu that i am reluctantly posting b/c i hate when articles are all about me....
have a happy thanksgiving!

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  1. aw come on. it's ok if it's all about you sometimes.