Friday, January 15, 2010

wilmington & SOLLY update

hi all! it's been a while, i've been on the road the whole time....SURPRISE! well, we took a trip to wilmington to meet with some commanders @ camp lejeune about two of our next clients, paul and buf. paul and is a marine, and buf is a navy corpsman. paul has been traveling abck and foth to morgantown to learn how to work with LIA, and to use LIA to enhance his medical treatment team's effectiveness (dog=huge motivation, as we al know) since september. he will be getting LIA permanently @ lejeune the first week in feb. buf, however, is another story....his command was preventing him from getting his dog for many "reasons." however, after our meeting, it now looks as though all will proceed. dad has been blogging extensively about this very unusal and frustrating journey with the navy....please visit his blog The paws4vets Advocate.

also while in wilmington, we got to see amanda and ELLIE. amanda has grown so much! she's so tall! her skills are becoming so advanced, too...from walking to talking...for which her mom, susan, grants much credit to ELLIE's involvement in her daily therapies. her big sister, katie, is also growing right before our eyes. it is always so nice to get to catch up with "old" clients and dogs! we also had a few other administrative meetings in wilmington, and got to attend the montly meeting for the wilmington chapter, meeting many of the RAD's and EAD's there and many great new volunteers!...dogs, dogs, everywhere!

i also talked to melissa yesterday, and SOLOMON has done great at school with erin this week. he has been going half-days with melissa. she said he has been a little hyped, as to be expected in a room full of such young and energized kids, but each day gets better. he's also starting to get over the novelty of their cat, but i'm expecting that to take a bit long before he gives up on playing games with the cat! nevertheless, they are doing great!

well, today i am busy trying to sort through my college boxed in the garage to find summer clothes...because i'm off to the beach! yes, a real live vacation, i can't even believe it. i am joining my grandparents and mom on their annual two week trip to the dominican republic as the conclusion to my graduation celebration! unfortunately, dad is staying behind to keep up with work and care for our pack of dogs...but since he has to stay home for the most part with both of us gone, hopefully he'll at least get a little rest, too. dont' worry, i'll have internet by the pool so my many, many projects won't fall too far behind.

one last note...please be thinking of jack as he and his family are continuing the long process of trying to find out what to do to control his seizures. you can read more about where they are in the process at his blogs: Jack of Our Hearts, and Jack's p4p blog.

alright, i'm off to get my tan!

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