Friday, January 22, 2010

updates from the caribbean

hi all! i know you know i'm on vacation, but i hope none of you are crazy enough to think i could ever stop working. those receiving my hundreds of emails and demands for assistance will vouch for me! i wanted to give two updates before the news gets too old:

first, our wonderful photographer has editted all of the pictures from graduation. here is the link for the pictures, without inmates. inmate pictures will be posted on official paws4prisons sites in the future.

also, alex's mom, alex, and CAMDEN just finished their umbilical cording. it is a very strenuous process, but i know they found it rewarding. how do i know? well, it just so happened that alex's mom, kathy, is wonderful a videoing the goings-on of her two boys...and she has kindly posted her latest video on our YouTube channel. i think you'll see just what we mean by bonding!

hope you're having fun in the cold! ok, that was mean...but i don't get vacation often, give me a break!

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