Saturday, February 13, 2010

down south

hi all!

it's been far too long since i've found time to write. i've been on the road for all but 2 nights since getting back from vacation, and sometimes days on end slip away from me. paul and LIA are continuing to do really well. we have been down in southern ga opening a new program which we are so so so so excited about. i will explain it in a new post when i have time to do it justice here in a few days. but right now, i am staying in atlanta with samantha's family and CORINA. we are just spending time, letting CORINA do her thing and get comfortable being here. she is still many many months away from being ready to graduate, especially with some special skills to work on like balance assistance that samantha needs. but it is nice to let her come and interact and figure out her job. samantha loves to read to her, so that's what we did last night. the happy, antsy dog completely changes when she lays next to samantha, which is just something you cannot train. this week we are going to do things like visit samantha's school and just get CORINA out and about in the world more. she is doing very well at everything, except being patient while you eat a whole meal or have a whole meeting, she just gets bored of laying there with no attention! she is coming along so well and is having a fantastic trip out from the prison, she's really impressing us. i'll keep you posted!

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