Thursday, February 4, 2010

paul & LIA

hi all!

i hope those of you in the midst of all of this snow aren't too cold...and those of you not in the midst of it are thankful! ugh! i am now in wilmington/lejeune to transfer LIA to paul permanently! how exciting! they did great together, and the public access test was flawlessssss!!!! LIA did get a little stressed a few times in the new environment of the base...mainly with seagulls and some out of control kids...but even when stressed she's a good girl for paul. we worked some more on tactics to desensitize her to the new things and refocus her when she hones in on something. paul is a whole new person to me, and he's really ready for this, i'm so so so excited for this team!

also, kelli cooley, a jacksonville-based trainer and marine wife, has been teaming up with us down here as our "local trainer" for dogs placed here. she helped me with the public access test yesterday, and will meet up with paul over the next few weeks to keep him moving forward, give him tips and feedback, etc. i so appreciate her help and look forward to working with her!

also, we have some verrrry exciting meetings next week....i will update you on those when the information becomes public ;)

stay warm!

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