Wednesday, February 24, 2010

lots!...& the 5k

well, after being on the road for nearly a month, i have lots & lots that i'm behind on blogging about. in my "free" time at home next week, i promise to get caught up...but in the meantime, here's what you really need to know:

the wilmington, nc chapter is hard at work on their 2nd 5k. this event is already gaining great sponsorships & is going to be huge for us! so, if you live around wilmington, or want to leverage this great, philanthropic, giving, selfless excuse for a spring beach trip...we aim to please! please visit the site & register to run, walk, or contact us about sponsorships. we appreciate it all! jack, CAYLIE, paul & LIA will be attending as masters of ceremony, along with many other clients and dogs, i'm sure. we can't wait! (please, don't ask me yet if candace has talked me into participating again, i can't even think of it right now)

here's the site: p4p wilmington 5k

that's the big update for now...i will keep a link to the 5k & the necklace orders on my blog, and put them up on the other p4p blogs when i can!

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