Tuesday, March 2, 2010

new babies

so, as those of you who are fans of p4p of facebook have probably seen, we have 2 new baby puppies. ROWAN, whose mom is a golden and dad is a black lab, came to us from a friend of karen's in charlotte. HAYDEN, a brown newfie puppy, came to us from a friend in va. thank you for these wonderful bundles! the funniest part is that these girls are only days apart in age, but have about a 20 lb weight difference. i attempted to get side-by-side pics of the girls to show just how different their sizes are, but being puppies, they succeeded in making this impossible. the pics i did manage to get i'll post below. the closest size comparison pic is fuzzy, but serves it purpose in showing the difference!

also, official paws4people logo'd clothing is now available! find the order form at the link at the top of my blog. also there, find the order form for the custom p4p necklaces! and info on the infamous 5k...it's gona be fun. in fact, i'm going down to the treadmill now to attempt to be somewhat ready by the time it comes!

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