Wednesday, March 17, 2010

on post

hellllo all. to say i'm tired, worn out, emotionally drained, and anything else would be an understatement. we have been at ft. stewart, ga since last monday initiating our paws4vetsWTB program. to learn more about this program's mission and read blog from our soliders, go to their new blog - paws4vetsWTB-FtStewart. since we've been here, buf has arrived to spend another week working with SALLY, and jeff came to visit the soldiers as part of his client process. today, our program soldiers went to visit our inmate trainers at jesup, and we took PUMPKIN and DEJA who have been training at jesup to move them on post as the first two dogs in training in the WTB program. it was an emotional day for these inmate trainers, as it was their first time letting dogs go. all-in-all, it's been an exciting, very new, very different, and very interesting process working in this new venue. i was quite lost my first time staying on base without my faithful army escort (jeremey!) but i'm kind of holding my own around there now...he'd be surprised (if i ever saw him!).

tomorrow, after one more training day here and getting the dogs settled, i head to charlotte with the LILLY to finally start her transfer to candace. not only is LILLY now ready, but LANIE is finally prepared, too and candace is more than ready..and paul, well, he'll just catch up! no actually, i think he's more excited than he will let on but i know he is going to love her!

alright, guess you're all caught up, more later!

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