Sunday, March 7, 2010

dog anatomy 101

ok, so, i have WYATT here with me. if that sounds weird to you, it should...check The paws4vets Advocate blog for an update. moving on...i do not claim to be any sort of expert on dog health...ask the key people i call to question and whine too every time such a topic comes up! however, WYATT taught me something interesting last night, and i think it could come in handy for all you dog people out there to have in your brain in the future, too. last sunday, a week ago, heidi received a call from brandon stating that WYATT had eaten his collar. those of you who follow our stories know that WYATT will eat a leash or collar or anything long whole, like a snake, whenever he can find one behind your back. heidi instructed brandon to make WYATT vomit, which you do by forcing them to swallow small amounts of hydrogen peroxide at a time in a few minute increments until it works. for whatever reason, brandon did not get WYATT to vomit that night. we hoped he would then pass the collar. being that the buckle and metal loop were not ingested, we did not worry too much. upon getting WYATT back yesterday, knowing the collar had not passed, dad and i decided to give the throwing up one good go before we took him for an ultrasound to ensure it wasn't creating intestinal blockage. well, after one turkey-baster full (this, we have found after a great deal of practice, is the easiest way to administer the unpleasant liquid) and not two full minutes of waiting, up came the entire piece of collar. i was soooo relieved! what's amazing to me is that after 6 days, 12 meals, and "normal digestion" by all accounts, the leash remained intact in his stomach like he ate it an hour ago! so strange. i've attached a picture as proof because i think it is fascinating.

ok, well tomorrow i leave for another trip for a month. this will include bootcamp at the ft. stewart program (i know, i need to update you all on what the heck that is), transfer training LILLY to candace, back to check on dogs at ft. stewart, back to finish training candace, some meetings in wilmington, and actually seeing jeremey for the first time in 2 months. so, it will be quite a month. what i haven't figured out yet is just how to pack for that....wish me luck!

note: i should give a disclaimer that i was fully in doubt that the collar could possibly still be in his stomach, but dad insisted he'd throw it up. here i am, on the record, in an attempt to end the harassment, dad was right! :)

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