Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5k and drivin drivin drivin

well, this weekend was the long-awaited wilmington 5k. i must say, it exceeded everyone's expectations. it was fabulous, professional, well-done, organized, beautiful, everything and more. and, not to mention, a great fundraiser. wonderful thanks to angie, rachel, sean, susan, pam, sydney, candace, allison, my mom, katelyn, lisa, eliot, jack, karen, jason, and all the other p4p people who helped, traveled, supported, etc. also, buf and SALLY joined us in their first ambassador event since becoming an official team! buf stayed for a very long time and greeted many people and SALLY had quite the test with so many other very excited barking dogs. they got some homework to teach her to tolerate those fellow canines. since i made this an official order, i know buf is probably already working on it ;) he's good like that. he was very impressive as an ambassador this weekend, i know it was not 100% comfortable for him, but he did wonderfully and everyone was so grateful to meet him.

well, i cannot wait to see how big and wonderful the 5k is next year! angie said i can say that since i will be there to help!

now i'm in atlanta and tonight is sammie's birthday party, so i am off to the festivities.

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