Sunday, April 11, 2010

ohhh the goings on

well, i've been home for almost a week now, which is rather unheard of. i've been working on many odds & ends, lots of writing and editing for some new projects we're working on. nothing too exciting. i've been taking care of the tornado that is WYATT and loving every minute of it. he's just one of those special special dogs for me....for a lot of other people he's just too much! but 92% of what he does makes me smile & laugh hysterically, so it compensates for the 8% that pisses me off like crazy! he definitely has some behavior issues he developed in his last living situation, so we are working through those with some help from others. his personality is the same though, so i can't get enough of him. and, he's still perfect at anything related to public access, because it keeps his brain stimulated and it's the work he's learned to love, so that's all we can ask for. at some point soon, he'll be ready for us to find the right person for him again, but i don't think he's in too much of a hurry to leave me ;)

also this week i got to go see the buckles and SOLOMON for their contract signing and public access test. seeing as SOLOMON accompanied the girls to the white house easter egg roll last monday, a public access test at target was slightly melodramatic! he did great, melissa and the girls are great, and they even painted me pictures! i can't tell you how much i love adopting all of these kids :)

hope all is well and everyone is enjoying this sudden spring! i'm back to my travels soon so hopefully i'll have a little excitement to report shortly!


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