Friday, May 28, 2010


hi all, lots to report. first, i should have said this a while ago..but last week when we were at ft stewart we took a leap of faith & moved JAKE down for his public access training. JAKE is the littermate of both SOLOMON and LIA, two very accomplished p4p Service Dogs of late. however, JAKE had us thinking he was going to fall a bit short. when SOLLY & LIA were fixing to graduate last fall, JAKE was still inspiring trainers and onlookers alike to pull their hair out. but, little by little, he started to make us think hmm, is he actually smart in there. much of this is thanks to one of our most patient inmate trainers of all. however, a year late (just a little slow) JAKE is now every bit of SOLOMON. and i mean, when i was working him last week, i kept spitting out the wrong name, because he is THAT MUCH like SOLOMON. and, if he comes out of this next few months of p.a.t. with the soldiers as much like his brother, we'll all know from experience he'll be one hell of a Service Dog. also last week, jon pabich, USMC, came to ft stewart to bump. the candidates were WYATT and JAKE, and this bump was a little unusual. since both of these boys are so very close to ready to live with someone, and since jon was TDY (in english...some military term for being sent down by the marines instead of taking leave) to ft stewart to spend the whole week with us, we kind of did his bump and first week of public access training smushed together. after the second day, between personality assessments and just plain who-liked-who, JAKE was chosen as jon's dog. throughout all of this change and excitement, JAKE's first outings to the px on base and the food court (at high lunch hour, crazy) were easier than ANY and i mean ANY dog i have taken on a first week of outings, ever. (he handled the lunch crowd a lot better than the soldiers, haha.) he is going to be great. within just his first fieldtrip, he responded just as well to the soldiers handling (they were not quite confident and very new at this, it was their first week of p.a.t. too) just as well as he listened to me. he is going to be FABULOUS. was a great great surprise and what a reward for an extra year of patience. when jon's blog is up and running, i will post the link on the friendfeed.

last but not least, drum roll....INZLIE finally came in to heat. she is very late, and we've been torturing one of our favorite breeders because we've had a stud lined up for two months now. these puppies will be half-C's...their daddy will be COLT, CAMDEN, CAYLIE, CORINA, CLAIRE, and CAROLINE's brother! so, we're keeping 1/2 of our favorite line in them :) we are sooooo excited. fingers crossed the breeding goes according to plan and i will keep you updated!
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