Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the jack

dad and i got to durham yesterday and went to visit jack's family. jack was happy to see us, which made me happy, he can give one heck of a greeting! susan, amanda, and ELLIE were also there to visit. we all had a nice time chatting and jack was his normal charming and hilarious self. he insisted on seeing WYATT, so we went out to the car & visited with him too. this morning, we headed to duke medical center to wait with lisa, eliot, and the rest of jack's family during surgery. a little after 3, the surgeon met with lisa and eliot and told them that jack had done very well and he was very pleased with the procedure. (to find out more about the procedure, visit jack's blog) so that was such good news! go jack! he'll be in the picu for 2 more days or so and then stay at duke for 7-10 days before being transferred back closer to home. CAYLIE is spending the night with us tonight to give lisa and eliot a chance to spend time in the picu with jack. we're all wishing him a super fast recovery.

here are a few pics we took last night...CAYLIE wouldn't stay still, so she's just blurry!

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