Tuesday, June 15, 2010

rested up?

well, it's been over a week without work travel for me...aside from a stop at alderson for a food drop before heading to jeremey's. regardless, it's been pretty nice...but office work is almost more tiring than traveling, i'm definitely more busy at home always playing catch up. dad headed down to atlanta for a presentation on sunday/monday and then over to ft stewart. tomorrow, WYATT and i will fly to meet him and have our army media day on thursday, more debut for the program within the military! that'll be good.

friday, i must fill you in because dad won't...he was a speaker at the mental health america national conference. he is so important these days :) his presentation, (don't quote me on this, but you'll get the gist) "assistance dogs as an adjunct therapeutic intervention for the treatments of PTSD, C-PTSD, and TBI" was very popular and very impressive! he made some wonderful contacts with interested folks there so God only knows what great things that might bring to us! i'm very proud of him, he is very academic these days :)

well, flying with a dog is basically like flying with a baby. i have to figure out a packing strategy so i'm prepared for everything, i can carry-on all of my luggage (no stupid extra fees), and still have enough hands for a dog. it's WY's first flight, but fingers crossed i don't think he'll care too much. he's one to curl up tiny even in the middle of a room, so fitting him in won't piss him off as much as it does some of the dogs (like stretch armstrong CORINA)! the part that gets me worked up is always security, because whether or not there is any tsa protocol for checking dogs, i can assure you none of the security people actually know it. sometimes they'll just pat down the dog, sometimes they make me make the dog totally naked...not even a collar! and wait for me one one side of the metal detector and call him through to the other. talk about stressful. we will see...sometimes the WY is the best dog in the whole world, and sometimes i'm certain he's determined to give me stories good enough to tell my children...so keep your fingers crossed for me and i'll let you know how it goes!LOVE,K
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