Tuesday, July 6, 2010


hey all!
it's been an eventful week. i had my 23rd birthday over the holiday weekend, and it was great! jeremey got to come and we had a big family bbq so now i'm just officially old! monday my mom and i went to pick up TANNER, our newest puppy. he was donated by a wonderful breeder with beautiful dogs, and we thank her so much for her donation! here is her website. as you can see below, TANNER is not the usually breed of a p4p dog, but we are very excited to add this smart and quick little guy to our family. having him for 48 hours has shown me that he is verrrry sweet loveable and smart; and also that i'm totally not ready to have 10 of them in a month! oh man, am i ever going to be over-exercised and under-rested! fingers crossed!

speaking of the puppies, WYATT will be leaving me for a stay in hazelton tomorrow in the phase 1 of our doggie scale down here at the house to prepare for puppies. we're trying to keep things low maintenance, if that's possible. he will take INZLIE's spot there and i will bring her home with me to get her integrated to our pack in plenty of time. also, on friday, she has her ultrasound to find out if there are indeed babies in there, so that will tell us a lot of what is to come. please keep that in your prayers, we are really in need of this scale-up as we've been preparing for this in-house litter in a long time for 2 years now!

so, i venture back to my old homeland of morgantown for 24 hours or so tomorrow to drop off WYATT and TANNER and get INZLIE. also, a wonderful family from atlanta will be coming up to meet 2 of our dogs and hopefully will leave with one of them to do some social therapy work down the road. i will be sure to update on that too!

last but not least, you knew i had to do it...there are 5 days left in the facebook contest and we are DOING SO GREAT!!!!!! i am very, very cautiously excited [if you've read this much you know how supersticious i am!] please help us in the final push to keep the link posted on your facebook wall, send out some emails, and keep us in the top through the weekend.

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  1. Hi Kyria!
    TANNER'S sister went to visit a cancer patient yesterday (she is presently going through chemo). VICTORIA brought such a smile to her face and she seemed to forget for those moments of what exactly she was going through!

    I am very excited to watch TANNER grow and follow along with his progress!

    Thank you for accepting him into your program!
    Lots of love!