Friday, July 9, 2010


hi there! well, the time in morgantown was more than successful! within 30 minutes of the bump, the family decided to leave with IVY. she really loved the boys and just accepted and clicked with everyone. they decided they loved her quickly and are willing to work with her quirks. we are soooo happy for IVY!!!! thanks so much to the nottingham family. i've already received an update that IVY spent the morning learning to swim in a lake and playing ball and had a great trip home!! pictures to come soon.

on other news, our ultrasound today showed no puppies in INZLIE's belly. this is a slight blow, since we'd planning optimistically, but to me in simply means we weren't meant to have these puppies right now. we're already working on our next plan, so we will let you know. also, the vet wants her back in 2 weeks to check once more, just to be sure that a singleton isn't hiding somewhere. her intestines did look (with a lot of teaching, pointing, and explaining to me what the heck the shadows were) like little balls of puppies, but when she followed their movement, they lead to tubular shadows so were just intestines. on to the next project! INZLIE has finally settled in a little here and is happy to be in a house just laying around!

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