Monday, August 23, 2010


it is with great sadness that we need to share the news of the loss of OATLIE.

OATLIE Peyton was my 2nd/3rd dog. we got her and her littermate, BRIELLE (the mother of our first 2 litters, who passed away a while back)together. they were born in october and came home in december - a particularly snowy december - and hence vowed two things....never to get two puppies together again (two puppies seems so simple now) and never to have winter puppies (we have some fall/winter babies in CLAIRE's belly right now). needless to say, our perspective was so different back then, but the "original three" of paws4people - RILEY, OATLIE, and BRIELLE - were the catalyst of everything we are doing now. OATLIE was a wonderful educational assistance dog in her prime, and loved nothing more than playing ball endlessly with the students who needed to improve in physical therapy.

OATLIE was the last of these three to brighten our household. she was the very most beta of our pack, and without our watchful eye, even our kind and well-mannered pack would have stolen her food at every meal. she was often more like a cat than a dog. she did not like cuddle and attention, she just liked to be nearby everyone else's hustle and bustle. since i left for college, everytime i'd come home and even more since i've moved back, i distictly remember her being attached to me in particular - as attached as OATLIE could seem. i'd wake every morning to her laying in the same spot outside of my door; and during the day she'd move from room to room with me. never right by me, just in the same room. that was her way of loving.

so, when i awoke yesterday morning without her in her spot, i stopped for a moment but figured my mom must be eating breakfast, which would lure OATLIE to her favorite task of begging. but i found my mom on the couch, and OATLIE was under the kitchen table - a frequent spot for her, but not in an empty kitchen. at the age of 12, she had been a little slow and achy for some time now, and was recently skipping some meals, only to be ever-enthusiastic for the next one. but yesterday morning, OATLIE collapsed going outside in the morning and couldnt' get her feet back under her. we decided to take her in together when dad got off of work at 2; but laying with her all morning while she let me love on her so uncharacteristically i soon came to terms with the fact that she didn't want to wait that long. her belly was bloating quickly, and i knew there was trouble and pain there. we met at the vet early to say goodbye, which was as horrible as it ever is.

this morning as i woke without my unassuming pal waiting in her spot, i quickly turned my thoughts to her being able to play her ball easily and gracefully again. i know that she, RILEY, BRIELLE, and CORA are starting to build quite the paws4people retreat up there; and it must be one of the most beautiful places there.

we love you all and thank you for your support, in every way, everyday.
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