Thursday, August 12, 2010

it's been a while

so, i've been that bad blogger lately. hmm. it just kind of reflects everything going on lately -- too much!!

first, i had a great few days in atlanta. after many dog moves from wv to ga and back, i was dropped off in atl with CORINA to spend a few days with sammie & her family. CORINA sure is bonded with sammie's dad, matt, who is taking responsibility for her initial transfer training -- go dad! eventually, both amy and matt will be handlers, much like alex's and jack's families. we just always try to do what is best for the family dynamics. anyways, i digress. on the saturday that i was there, there was a wonderful cocktail party & silent auction fundraiser for us at the offices of Sutherland in downtown atlanta. thanks so much to all of the wonderful sponsors and the lovely kris and mindy for all of their hard work for a beautiful and very helpful fundraiser. i have really come to love being in atlanta over this last year and hope that our little vortex that's building there will only get stronger so that we can spend even more time there!

well, i flew back on a sunday with CORINA (which is no problem at all for her anymore, she's quite the frequent flyer) and mom picked me up at the airport at 1130. at 1400, i began dogsitting for a wonderful company here in northern va, for the love of the animals. the owner, marty, cares for animals in people's own homes while they are either at work or on vacation. well, marty got to have her first vacation in a very long time (we know that feeling here!) and so i went from helping her sporratically to taking on a week of fulltime - and overtime - dogsitting! talk about exciting and educational. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! on monday morning, my parents left for vacation, which left me to craft a very creative schedule of caring for our 6 house dogs while making all of my sitting appointments. all but one night of that week, i also did overnights for dogsitting, so my little puppies were left in the unusual situation of sleeping alone! suffice it to say, i didn't get much actual computer work done, and was often making conference calls while walking multiple dogs down the street! i tell you, sometimes i think a paws4people reality show would be the next most entertaining thing. so if you know anyone in that business, let us know ;)

WELL, during that week, we also got some very bad news. ROWAN, the golden/lab mix at the prison, had run away from hazelton camp. this was a very, very difficult situation, being that dad and i could do absolutely nothing; and heidi could only do so much. you can only search for a dog so much. the good news was, although she would flee if anyone tried to catch her, she would be spotted staying around the prison property every day or so. we could only hope that she'd stick around and give herself up the hungrier she got. thankfully i can now report, after 8 very long an worrisome days, our favorite counselor christmas was able to take HAYDEN out to where ROWAN was sighted and let them play and coax them back together. she is back! this was a very tough lesson for all involved and many procedural changes will take place as a result. but, for now we are just thankful. and very thankful to mrs. folk & the rest of the wonderful bop personnel who have been so very caring and spent so much of their personal time helping us get her back!

lastly, that brings us to today. i found out yesterday some very, very exciting news. about a month ago, my beloved best friend/roommate/lifemate informed me that she had nominated me for glamour magazine's woman of the year contest. i thanked her for being sweet as ever, but pretty much forgot about it, as we send so many requests and grant applications that i'm used to never hearing back about anything. to my disbelief, a few short days later, before the contests was even closed, i was called for a phone interview. many phone interviews later, i received an email yesterday that i am one of the official 5 finalists. the contest now comes down to the (dreaded) voting system - so in light of another popularity contest, i am now begging you for some votes, yet again. if you can take a few minutes to vote with each of your email addresses, and to pass this along, i would so appreciate it. i would love to have the platform of a story in this huge magazine to give paws4people an even bigger voice. here is the link to my page.

thank you all so much!
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