Wednesday, September 29, 2010

new breeder/dogs/chapter

we have some more exciting news brewing down around camp lejeune. as our WWADTP (wounded warrior assistance dog training program) gears up at the base (bootcamp and dogs on the ground will all happen in october) more exciting things are happening! we got one of those divinely-timed contact us emails from a great dane breeder in new bern, nc. well, timing is everything. laura was just looking to explain how unique her breeding program is and find an organization who sees the value in adding her dogs to their program. she was not even aware that our program was beginning at lejeune. why does that matter? well, not only her obvious proximity to the base; but she is a marine wife, a marine corps history buff, names all of her dogs marine names, and the usmc connections go on and on.

what makes her dogs so amazing? well, her obvious pedigrees and experience; but it gets even weirder. she does early neurological stimulation and uses the rule of 7's on her pups. without all of the jargon - she pre-trains her dogs and raises them with the same exact philosophy we use on our assistance dog litters. practically no "main stream" breeders do this. amazing. check her dogs out at!

well, laura is amazing. she doesn't just want to donate some dogs. she wants to have a chapter in jacksonville/new bern area, fundraise, have an ops dog team (certify dogs to make school/nursing home/hospital visits) etc. basically, she is heaven-sent to us. every candace, karen, and angie we can replicate is a dream come true! so, laura and teufelshund great danes, welcome to the paws4people family. we are so blessed and excited!

i learned a long time ago that there is no such thing as coincidence. so this is yet another opportunity to realize the wonderful opportunities we are all being given and the amazing path that i'm on. just another God moment to remind me to enjoy the ride!
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