Wednesday, September 29, 2010


hi! i've been getting some questions about sponsorship for the puppies!

to see our full sponshorship ebrochure, click here.

however, those sponsorships are at levels which cover the entire life and training cycle of the dog, and have recognition lasting throughout the life of the dog in return. while we would love 8 guardian angels to bless us with these sponsorships, we want to make available ways for others to help us as well!

first of all, every donation helps towards the development, training, placement, and support of these puppies and all p4p dogs. nothing is too small! but i have been asked if there are smaller ways to choose a puppy to sponsor. there are! very soon, the puppy blog will debut with daily live feeds from the puppy cam where you can watch all of the happenings here!

on naming day, 10/10, the puppy profiles will debut on their blog. here, we will list those donors who have contributed substantially to supporting this overall litter, at $250 and above. donors who have contributed $500 and above will choose a specific puppy and be named on that puppy's profile as one of their birthday angel donors! anyone who is interested can email me directly @ to be added to these donor lists.

thank you for all of your kind words & thoughts and any support you may be able to give to starting the lives of these priceless future assistance dogs!
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