Saturday, October 23, 2010

alderson visit

well, we had a very eventful day yesterday at FPC Alderson. there were many reasons for the visit, and all were very exciting!

first, STELLA's family (remember, the precious bloodhound?!) came to pick her up from her first block of training. STELLA is so smart and we really think we are going to have great success with her, she just needs to keep growing up, now. STELLA's little girl, hailey, and her mom lorie and dad larry made the long trip from wilmington to meet the inmates and pick up their other baby! we are so grateful they came to give the inmates the invaluable perspective of what STELLA's life mission is going to be. i also think they gained a lot of perspective about our program and had a great time interacting with the ladies!

also, one of our amazing rehabilitative assistance dog teams made a reappearance! ryan and SADIE, who graduated from alderson last year, came back to tell the inmates about their first year together. to say that ryan is a different person is an understatement. he and SADIE are truly flourishing together and it is so wonderful to see. the inmates were extremely grateful for this rare chance to see old friends that mean so much to them. and don't worry, ryan will be blogging about it soon!

the great mike hurley, of hurley labs, made the trip to visit the prison as well! the hurleys are the breeders who donated the great MONKEE, now nicknamed MO, who has been training at alderson for a few months now. MO is doing great, and i think mike really enjoyed his day, and we are so thankful for our ongoing relationship with these wonderful breeders and friends.

our other great breeder, laura of teufelshund great danes, made the long haul from new bern, nc to bring up 3 great danes! LUCY, LACEY, and ALICE have now entered training at alderson, and the inmate trainers were so excited for this big new change! the girls settled in with their trainers very quickly and all are very excited to start with these great dogs! thank you so much to laura for her efforts, and you will continue to hear a lot about her and from her soon :)

lastly, our guests who traveled the farthest to join us, trisha and ed made a trip to the east coast all the way from nebraska! friends of family of our great buf and SALLY, trisha and ed have huge hearts and very much want to be involved with paws4vets. they are interested in several aspects, and have hearts that fit in very well with the rest of the paws4people family! i think they may have even met a dog they kind of like ;) even though i left them at subway in alderson as our caravan pulled out to head up to the prison, they still stuck with me! i'm so thankful they made this huge trip to meet us and am so excited for our new relationship and the future they can bring to paws4vets!

thank you to all of the staff at fpca who also went above and beyond, as always, to make our visit so great. it was a huge day, lots of driving for me, and now i'm just enjoying a day with the puppies. they are so very cute and fun right now, i'm trying to soak it all in.

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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