Monday, November 1, 2010

big fall days

well, it's been a great week here with the puppies. they are so aware of their surroundings now, and are very social. it is so rewarding to see the HUGE effects of the early neurological stimulation on their social interaction and stress/calming signals. it is so fascinating to observe these things in such tiny little babies. they eat very eagerly now, and need very little help with much of anything! they go outside often, and beginning to prefer going "better hurry" there now - which is increasingly helpful - and love romping in the grass!

on a semi-entertaining note, i am now hobbling around trying to keep up with them! i had a lovely weekend (ok, 28 hours!) away this weekend in annapolis. i went to the Navy homecoming football game, homecoming dance, and just enjoyed annapolis for the weekend! well, that was all well and good, until i sprained my foot!!! you know, the last 5 weeks of puppy life haven't been all too glamorous for me. much like the stories of new mommies, showering is about as "ready" as i get these days. so, a full day and night in heels really did me in. it wasn't until i was taking them off, balancing on one platform removing the other, that i tumbled right over and now have a very big, very colorful foot. i spontanseously laugh out loud at myself as i chase these guys around and attempt to corral them while i'm moving at about snail speed. so, life just got that much more interesting!

haha, nothing new for me, right?!

one last big HUGE thanks to all of our wonderful Northern VA volunteers, and their families, who took shifts of puppy watching this weekend so i could be away. you all are the best!!
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