Monday, December 27, 2010

back to blogging

ok so, the puppies are gone, the holidays are over, and now i'm out of excuses for being a bad blogger. the blog police has been off-duty, but now i am back.

as i said, the puppies are now residing at the prisons - 5 @ hazelton sff, 1 @ hazelton camp, and 2 @ alderson. they are happy, learning, and growing. it was hard for me to let them go, and i miss them, but life is a lot easier these days! HOWEVER, we are already planning and time out the next breeding and litter, but i will leave that in suspense for now.

the most exciting thing that has happened in a very, very long time is in full swing now...the ikea life improvement project contest. we are currently in first place for $100,000! how can you help? register all of your email addresses, and use them to vote once each day. if you're busy, which i know we all are, just register them, then send me the addresses to and we'll vote for you each day. we really, really need this great opportunity to start 2011 off right! the contest continues through jan 17! please help!

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