Wednesday, November 10, 2010

big puppies

well, my cute little mole-rats are definitely no where to be found. we have real life miniature dogs here. in fact, so big, that we have had to add the extra level on to the whelping box to keep them in! they are learning things so quickly...and eating SO much! yesterday was their 6 week vet visit for their first vaccinations, and they LOVED it. it is so, so interesting to see the effects of the early neurological stimulation on this litter. i ramble on and on about it to anyone who will listen. it is AMAZING. but i'll save you all of that rambling for now. three of the puppies weighed 5.1 lbs and a few were 5.4 or 5.8 and then there was BENNING coming in at 6.3! oh my gosh, he really is his father (BEN's) namesake...I'm glad i chose the right one a few weeks ago ;) he indeed looks just like his daddy and seems as though he's going to get his size, as well.

we have determined that 6 of the puppies will move in to hazleton on december 6. the remaining 2 will move in to alderson on december 21...that is just a logistical decision. i'm certain to be just as happy AND sad as i am on a graduation day when they leave! but, i'm sooooo excited to watch these little babies grow and learn, they are going to be so amazing!!

what i'm really looking forward to right now, though, is my trip to visit hazelton on monday. why? well, i want to see all of the dogs...but especially WYATT! yaaaaaay! i'm a little worried though...i know how much he misses me and he just might accidentally follow me all the way home!

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