Monday, January 10, 2011

annie & contest

hey all!

well, i promised i'd update you on annie's bump. i have been able to de-brief with the family and now feel like we have a plan so i can go public! annie bumped with TANNER, ROWAN, and SKYLAR. all three of these dogs have shown us they are too shy, analytical, or otherwise a little bit inappropriate for public access service work. therefore, bumping them with annie who needs a RAD dog and more of a social therapy capacity was the next step for them. TANNER was much too leary during both bump opportunities. ROWAN did not appreciate the setting at all, and resorted to fear barking, oh my! but, last but not least, SKYLAR came in and warmed up very quickly. before we knew it, she was belly-up next to annie making a new best friend. so, it was official for us.

after discussion with annie's mom, annie was very happy with this choice as well. so, the plan is to schedule time to go down and begin transfer training, likely sometime in february.

lastly, you probably know what i'm about to say....the ikea contest ends a week from today. we are still in first place, but the 4th place contender moved up to 2nd overnight, and so we can only hope they are not gaining on us too quickly. please, please spend this last week voting and asking your friends to help us, this opportunity is unlike any other for us!!!! PLEEEEEASE VOOOOOTE!

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