Wednesday, January 19, 2011

another plane trip

well, another exciting week. after a nice long weekend, part of which i actually spent on a little getaway just for fun (with no dogs!), it was back to work in a very serious way. it was time to get MONKEE "MO" to her new home with trisha and ed in nebraska. nebraska, you say? yes, i know, not really in our realm of operations. but as a friend of buf's family, the midwest connection really isn't that random! MO will eventually have puppies, with our new nebraska crew will whelp, then we will transport them to one of our training locations.

well, it was MO's first time in the airport, and as i say, you can't really train for an airport. security, boarding, these are things you can't really replicate, you just have to jump in and do it. MO wasn't a fan of the fact that she couldn't get any of her own space in the crazy security line with people constantly inching closer to her in every direction. after her pat-down, though, she was happy as could be. with the re-design of dulles, and the fact that we cannot take escalators with a dog, we had to take about 10 different elevators to our gate. thankfully for MO, me, and our departure time, MO didn't mind the crazy elevators one bit! we were on time, but the flights weren't. after ice delay, we finally boarded, but got to sit on the runway for 2 hours due to mechanical problems. that turned our 3 hours layover in kansas city, where we were meeting trisha, into a 30 minute layover before my flights back started. talk about stress! we did a quick switch of MO, which was all she needed, as they'd met and fallen in love months ago, and i was racing off to another terminal, check-in, and security as i had to switch airlines. after a super long layover coupled with another delay coupled with delayed landing due to fog, i finally arrived home! on my way back, i got word from trisha that MO was home, too, and was happily smelling around and settling in. everyone was happy!

on one last note, i know everyone is curious, but i haven't heard anything about IKEA contest yet; and probably won't until the 31st with everyone else, i speculate. this waiting game is getting rough, but fingers crossed we have one! regardless of the outcome, thank you so much again for everyone's immense help and support. it never ceases to amaze me how many friends and supporters we have!
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