Tuesday, January 25, 2011


well, to say i have been boring lately is an understatement. dad and i have been working on some suuuuper long intricate documents for a new, exciting project...but of course, supersticious me will not reveal that until it's finalized. yesterday was pretty dynamic. we got some good news about 2 different upcomming projects...but, you know. COMING SOON! I PROMISE! haha, anyways, one thing i can actually tell you is that allison and rachael of our va chapter have put together yet another wonderful online newsletter to update all of our supporters about the goings-on in our biggest ops (operational...in other words, the dogs and handlers who make social therapy, educational assitance, and rehabilitative visits, rather than service dogs) chapter. please read it! you can make it full screen and save your eyes with the little square with arrows down in the bottom left. enjoy~

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