Monday, January 31, 2011


it is official, it's announced, i woke up this morning and i wasn't dreaming. i know this because there were still 6 dogs as excited as ever - but they were only excited for breakfast, playing in the snow, and having me taxi them all around to their work and vet appointments today - so i knew this was still real life....full of dogs and no time to stop and take it all in. but i will try, really, i will! i know, i know, you don't believe me. and you're probably right. i'm already too focused on what all we can start and finish and accomplish to realize how freaking exciting this is. but it'll soak in, i think.

what i really want to say is THANK YOU. the biggest thanks of all, of course, to God, for continuing to grant us the opportunities that keep making this all possible. as usual, saying thank you isn't enough. everyone who reads this, sees this, who puts in ridiculous hours to something p4p-related only to maaaybe get an occasional "thank you" on my blog, if i even remember to do that, i really do realize thank you isn't enough. but 2011 is shaping up differently, it really is. from this big, unbelievable reveal to projects and partnerships that i still supersticiously won't reveal, it's going to be something very different. thank you for sticking along for the ride, or for joining the ride, but most of all thank you for always keeping the faith and keeping your eyes on what is really important - the dogs and the people they are serving - even when i might get too overwhelmed to keep my eyes there myself. we all do this because of you, for you, and with you, and i am SO DARN EXCITED to use this IKEA prize to make that better than ever.

well, you know me, it'll be one heck of a year and probably nothing any of us anticipate right now. but i promise to keep you updated and maybe even give you a few laughs at my expense along the way.

so, on that note, i'm off to get started :)
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