Friday, February 25, 2011

LILLY reel

well, another week stuck behind the computer for the most part, so not too much excitement to report.

well, i guess that's never quite true. on monday, we took ROWAN to the airport and flew her out to her new adopting home on the west coast. she arrived and is doing well! also on monday, we took JAKE to live permanently with sonny! that team is really something to watch, let me tell you. JAKE has found just the right place. you can read sonny's updates to hear all about it!

also, LILLY went to meet her boyfriend, BEN (yes, for all of you detail-oriented followers, that was CLAIRE's baby daddy, too haha) and they bred successfully...well, as successfully as we can know about now. in a few weeks we will do the ultrasound and know for sure if the next litter is on its way. i can't wait! and i have some new plots and plans for this litter, just you wait and see!

have a fabulous weekend!!
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