Monday, February 28, 2011

early mornings

well, we had a great weekend! on sunday, we met sonny & JAKE & family for church @ ft. belvoir. since it was JAKE's first time and he will be a regular, we were asked to give a short presentation about paws4vets to help the congregation understand more about what we do. well, in addition to doing this at the 1100 service, we were also asked to do this at the 0800 service...which meant a 0400 wake up call! no lazy sundays here! bless their hearts, sonny and his whole family were up and ready to attend both services with us as well! we had a wonderful time, and JAKE and CLAIRE both did excellent. CLAIRE also graced children's church and sunday schools with her presence, and acted very much like a princess. she just loves kids and had a great time! we met many wonderful people who now better understand all the unique components of paws4vets. it was a great opportunity.

JAKE and sonny are doing wonderful together. JAKE is so very dedicated to watching sonny's every move, and is readily figuring out how to assist sonny without any words needing to be spoken. he's truly and amazing dog and has found just the right place!

on friday, i was featured as the guest blogger on, you can read my blog here. that was another exciting opportunity as well!

on to a busy monday with a very important meeting with someone you have all heard about for some time now....hopefully she and i will have something to tell you about it afterwards!
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