Saturday, February 5, 2011

SKYLAR's big day

well, yesterday SKYLAR and i made the drive down the raleigh area. little did she know she was arriving at her new home. SKYLAR is not a fearful dog, not even tentative really, but she is very observant and slow to accept new things. she must do it in her own time. she is very analytical. so, i didn't know quite what to expect of her arriving in a whole new environment with a family of 7 people to meet and greet. but, as the dogs usually do, she far exceeded my expectations. she walked in with a gaping, panting smile and tail wagging low. she smelled, she went and sat in front of each person to be greeted, she was happy as could be. it was almost too easy. annie, SKYLAR's new handler, and i began working on the things SKYLAR needed, what her body language was telling annie, and what her new routines should be. after about 2 hours, i was ready to leave, without the slightest worry. she really outdid herself. so, with SKYLAR laying sprawled out with annie on her bed, i simply walked out for the night without the slighest care on SKYLAR's part. i'm now about to head over to see how the night went and work on teaching annie more of what SKYLAR knows, wants, and needs; but i think it will be pretty seamless. again, it seems as though the dog knew exactly what she wanted at the bump, and we were just smart enough to listen :)

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