Tuesday, February 1, 2011


well, i promised to share the ups and downs.

yesterday, as the big IKEA announcement came and we were flooded with congratulatory emails and calls, there was a vast lack of celebration in our house. after 2 weeks of being sick, we found out that our BRINKLEY had cancer, that was spread much too far, and that we could not fix it or even keep her comfortable. so, in a matter of hours, we had to make the decision to do what was best for her. BRINKLEY was the only puppy we kept from our first litter, of RILEY and BRIELLE. she was unassuming, and i do not think she ever did a wrong thing in her life. she was quiet, indescribably overly-affectionate, and wanted nothing at all but to give and receive love. she has never been quite as happy though, since we lost BRIELLE 2 1/2 years ago. so, it brings me a lot of happiness to know they are together again.

i could go and and on about how wonderful she was, but it is never truly enough. so, we will carry on knowing we did what was best for her as she always did for us. i promise to bring better news next time i write.

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