Wednesday, March 23, 2011

action-packed tuesday

well, yesterday was quite busy. i was asked to speak at my alma mater, loudoun valley high school, in a seminar about alumni making a difference i have a presentation on the beginnings of p4p right there in a special education classroom at valley, and all that p4p has grown to encompass today. the students were great, and it was wonderful to see a lot of my old teachers again! the students were particularly excited to hear that they could sign up to come socialize the new litter of puppies, so i think we'll be getting a lot of extra help with that!

....that's right, i said new puppies! yesterday we did the official ultrasound and LILLY is officially pregnant! i don't try for a reliable puppy count until it's xray time (3 more weeks) but we know there are at least 4 babies in there as that's what we saw in one stationary view on the u/s. LILLY wasn't too fond of the machine, though, so she decided to stand, so we could only get a shot of one side at a i said, not a reliable count!

so, this litter will be due on april 25! here we go again!!

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