Tuesday, April 5, 2011

wilmington 5k!

well, this weekend we traveled down to wilmington for the 3rd annual paws4people wilmington 5k! the race and fun walk took place on campus at UNCW and was yet another huge success. with nearly 200 participants, all of our race tshirts were gone! we have a great time, lots of doggies came and had tons of fun, and angie, rachel, and their team put in more hard work than i can imagine making it better than ever. i already can't wait for next year, after our courses are in full swing, to have even more student and campus participation!

after some meetings last week, i have yet another huge announcement to make about a big, exciting expansion...although it is now official, dad is completing some more meetings this week to finalize plans and logistics, at which time i will announce it...i won't leave it hanging too long this time, i promise.

i can't believe it's tuesday, because of 4 days in wilmington it feels like monday, but it's better to be ahead than behind i guess. who needs monday anyways?! i'm in the third week of my master's classes online now, and i was one full week ahead on work in preparation for my trip this weekend...but now i'm not ahead anymore and that's stressing me out already! i much prefer to work ahead. today allison, april, CLAIRE, and i are attending an event which i will post about tonight, because i truly don't know what to expect so i'd rather tell you about it afterwards! then, i need to get busy and do a week or two's assignments so i can be ahead again, because this weekend is already booked, too!

lots to update you on in the coming days....consider the blog drought over! see you soon!

oh! and be sure to visit the paws4people facebook page to become a fan and see race pictures!!
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