Monday, March 7, 2011


well, we got a little surprise last week. miss LANGLEY decided to get the inmates very worried with her tummy issue, and by the time she got through the vet, she was peppy with nothing abnormal, just a little digestive upset. well, dad decided to bring her home for the week, and showed up at 2200 with a huge puppy in his arms. my little LANGLEY, who had been the tiniest baby, is now 5 months old and about 30 lbs. that didn't stop me though, i still carried her around for about a day, just because i could [barely]. she is a very, very sweet girl, as ever. she integrated perfectly with all the dogs here and was just like a shorter version of everyone else hanging out...except she played a little more, laid down a little less, and is still in the "quiet means trouble" stage. it reminded me why taking puppies to the prison is a job perk :) but she was better than we could have expected.

thursday, we had 2 ITT sessions together in leesburg, with april and BOURKE and sonny and JAKE at panera and the outlet mall. both of the clients did wonderfully, but as usual i'd prefer to let them tell you about it, so keep an eye on april and sonny's blogs for their take on the day.

nevertheless, CLAIRE and LANGLEY joined us. they stayed in the car (the dog sanctuary on wheels) while we oversaw the ITT's, then dad and i went to starbucks will allison and took the girls in. this was LANGLEY's very first public outing ever...all eyes were on her. she was nosey and trying to smell everything inappropriate while we walked, but whenever i would stop i could easily refocus her into a perfect heel and sit, so we walked up to the counter one step at a time. she sat at attention while we ordered and then headed over to a table. she watched CLAIRE to the "go in" command under the table, looked up at me, and upon my command of "go in" she replicated her mom. there she laid for over an hour. she never relaxed or got to sleep, she stared at me most of the time. she only tried to stand up twice and was redirected so effortlessly i started to wish that we had 18 month-olds who were so cooperative ;) she never whined and was easily pleased with a froot loop every 5 or 10 minutes. we were so very proud of her! here is a picture of the baby, who looks pretty darn big, in starbucks

she went back to the prison yesterday, a roundtrip drive i got to do, in the snow no less! oh the joys of western md & north central wv! JACKIE and BIFF came back with me and are heading down with dad on his trip this week to stay at jesup and ft. stewart, respectively.

let another week begin!
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