Friday, April 3, 2009

the week that ran away from me....

so i swear that several times in the last few days things happened and i filed them in my mind to blog about, but my files all disappeared! this "slow" week was somehow still crazy, imagine. we did have an unexpected article on the front page of the DA, our school newspaper. they were unable to come to the press conference so they did phone interviews with dad & mr. rankin but did not say what or when anything would be published. so i got a few calls about it, which was a fun surprise! click here to see it.

other than that, WYATT and i have kept up the running and he is now doing SOOOO well passing dogs, kids, anything. i'm just happy i've found a way to burn off his energy...he is definitely not the lay-around-the-apartment dog like our little BRADIE, she's really spoiled us! other than that, nothing new for now!

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