Friday, March 5, 2010

ramada saga

hi all! i have a good story to report, a victory for the books. some of you may follow jack's p4p blog, as it's one of the blogs whose updates list on the paws4people friend feed. (this is where you can see all the most recent p4p updates in one place...very handy!) well, jack's family had a very unfortunate run-in with some very ignorant staff at a ramada inn during their holiday travels. eliot handled it perfectly, defending his rights exactly correctly, and standing up not only for jack and CAYLIE but for the disability community as a whole. however, the family was still not treated properly. to read the original saga, please see eliot's blog here. when his complaint failed to be met with what i felt was a satisfactory response, i took it upon myself to represent our client with whatever force and influence the collective reputation of paws4people has to offer. to view the package i sent to wyndham hotels worldwide, please go here. well, yesterday, i received a rather prompt and rather satisfactory response from ramada international. to read this response, please go here. the lesson learned here is that despite the fact this may seem like a small fight being fought in vain; and despite the ridiculous amount of time it takes to fight something like this in my non-existant free-time for a seemingly small result; it is not just about jack at ramada, and jack's family knows this. it is about that fact that maybe, just maybe, this letter will lead to some changes in policy or education of management. maybe, just maybe, the next time a person with a disability goes to stay at a ramada in our region, their own voice will be enough to gain them the rights they deserve. maybe this letter won't accomplish all of that, but education happens one day and one person at a time. maybe change won't come until our 100th enfuriating, needless, time-wasting run-in is followed with our 100th correct, salient, and demanding letter...but i promise you, i will write as many as i have to. i guess that's part of having a fun, outside-the-box job where i get to work with puppies and the greatest people on earth. well, i guess i can handle all of the writing...i knew college would come in handy for something.

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  1. great job, Kyria! Thanks for the support.