Friday, July 16, 2010

we did it!!!!

well, you all know the how ever-supersticious i am. so i waited a bit extra to say this, but now that we've received the official email i can truly say that WE DID IT! you all helped us by voting and getting votes and not bugging people until it was all said and done and paws4people will now be receiving a $20,000 grant from Chase!

i am so beyond thrilled and relieve that this will let us get through some more of this very down and hard year without so much stress and sleepless nights. thank you all so very much for all you did to help us get here and please know that i am going to be bugging you to help us do it again next time! :)

i spend the week in wilmington for some meetings in lejeune and in wilmington. i drove over to charlotte this morning in a dogless car, which was very strange and i had a few panic attacks when i'd look back and think i left them somewhere! tonight we have dinner with one of our new clients, annie, and her mom. tomorrow we have dog evals for new assistance dogs for the charlotte operations team. the evals are gretchen's (one of our associate trainers) clients who now have great dogs who want to volunteer. here's the kicker - there are 15 dogs to evaluate! oh my! we are just growing like a weed!

it's sure to be a fun and exciting and (as always) crazy busy weekend, and it will be very nice to see candace, paul, and karen for a change. i got to catch up with a lot of friends this week, and thanks to some puppies we might be getting from wilmington, my lovely friends down there will be seeing me again soon, too. i'm sure they're just beyond excited.

happy weekend!
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